Shiatsu Therapy and Chiropractic Work

While Shiatsu Therapy and Chiropractic come from very different backgrounds there are still many crossroads at which they meet and through which they can work together to the benefit of the patient.

Shiatsu and Chiropractic therapies are both hands on techniques. While chiropractic is concerned with the integrity of the spine to relieve numerous ailments, Shiatsu involves the application of pressure to specific points throughout the body to soften muscle tissue, relieve spasm, stimulate circulation and rejuvenate the systems of the body.

Shiatsu can be a particulary effective means of preparing the body for chiropractic treatment. In many cases, if the muscle tissue has been softened and made more supple by the Shiatsu treatment, the chiropractic manipulations will be easier and last longer. This is particularly noticeable in the case of patients with severe muscle spasm or accute strains such as those incurred by whiplash, lower back injuries, sciatica, and sports or work related injuries.

Shiatsu is a deep pressure point muscular therapy which stimulates the body’s own self – curative abilities. It is suitable for all ages and most conditions simply because the amount of pressure and the positioning of the patient are adapted to suit the individuals needs. The treatment is performed on a short, wide, comfortable table, fully clothed, with a normal session lasting approximately one hour.

While Shiatsu is a complete body treatment, emphasis is always given to the particular problem area. Specific instructions from the referring doctor are always closely followed and a professional relationship is maintained through the submission of written reports.

The combination of Shiatsu therapy and Chiropractic cures can have a very deep and therapeutic effect on the body, whether to relieve simple, muscular stifffness or to help the body recover its health after a severe trauma.

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